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Important treasure hunting information:

Treasure hunting is a great hobby. With a little effort and luck it will sooner or later even pay off more than the invested costs. But the real key to success is a treasure hunting technology, which has been tried and tested and which really achieves the promised results.

Seben metal detectors have been used for over ten years now and have been sold thousand fold worldwide with huge success.

Unfortunately the market is currently flooded with metal detectors, which are advertised as the absolute top devices, but are in fact nothing more than overpriced toys.

You won’t enjoy a product like this for a long time!

Please compare very well before buying a metal detector.

With a Seben metal detector you will fully enjoy your hobby for many years!

Seben metal detectors are handy and very powerful and they will surely soon lead you to success!

Please consider the following points before buying a metal detector:

How long has the distributor been selling metal detectors?

Have findings been made with this metal detector?

With Seben’s treasure hunting technology the following treasures and relics were found just recently:

steel helmets, pieces of weapons and medals (France)
gold ring – weight: 37g (Spain)
127 burned WWII Mother-Crosses (Medals) (Seelow / Germany)
weapons, ammunition, parts of planes and tanks (Russia)
XX-Ring (Poland)
5 silver rings (Austria)

Not to forget are of course hundreds of further smaller and bigger findings worldwide.

Item description:

Seben’s Extreme Metal Detector is a high performance metal detector with an enormous detection capacity. It has been designed for discerning professionals and specialists for locating items at large depths.

Important: We would like to point out that this device should not be considered as beginner’s equipment for occasional hobby searchers. The high degree of complexity of the detection facilities and the extreme sensitivity of the device are not exploited to the full in inexperienced probing.

Seben’s Extreme Metal Detector is therefore primarily used by archaeologists, researchers and other specialists, as this device can be adjusted with extremely high precision for each special application.

Perfected discriminator technique (searching for precious metal) with steplessly adjustable metal differentiation prevents futile digging in incorrect locations because the appearance of undesired metals (e.g. scrap iron, tin foil) can be precluded. The metal differentiation takes place optically and acoustically by an integrated loudspeaker and in the large, colour marked display. The signal volume is infinitely variable.

The all-metal mode can be switched on to enable any underground metal traces to be detected and is also signalled optically and acoustically.

An extra large, 25cm waterproof search coil with its intricate 2D helical winding technology enables very fine and precise measurements to be carried out, and despite its sensitivity, is extremely robust.

Extreme detection depths up to 2.5 metres for large objects and up to 35cm for coins!

Adjustable sensitivity depending on the search purpose and target.

Can be adjusted manually to find ideal settings for different ground conditions and sub-terrains! Detection is possible even in difficult soils containing minerals.

A removable adjustable telescopic rod and the ergonomically shaped handle with 32-fold ventilated arm support makes it comfortable to carry and enables lengthy, trouble-free use with the optimally balanced device, irrespective of your size.

Integrated headphone connection for undisturbed perception of the signal. (Important: undesired third persons cannot listen in!)

Exact pinpointing of location and depth possible.


Weight: ~1.8kg
Dimensions: LxWxH: 85cm to 125cm x 25cm x 18.5cm
Search coil: 25cm
Power supply: 8 x AA batteries (not included in the delivery contents)
Headphone jack: 3.5mm
Detection depth: Maximum theoretical search capacity 2.5 metres (larger objects), small coins up to a maximum of approx. 35cm
Working frequency: 6.99KHz
Discriminator technique: metal differentiation and filtering
Search method: Move

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1x Seben Extreme Metal Detector

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